Thursday, December 29, 2005

Add it


Where is the innovative add-on for GameCube? Was it only a microphone? Where is the movie add-on for Revolution? Why haven’t we seen any Revolution games yet? Why hasn’t Nintendo attacked the Xbox 360 launch? All because of an entertainment revolution – it is coming - 2006!

Official information

One interesting question is going around: When will Nintendo publish new information about their revolution?

Nintendo doesn’t want to be copied this time. They are waiting till Sony has presented their PlayStation 3 in January at the CES. After this presentation Nintendos attacks against their competitors will begin.

Be aware for new information at the beginning of 2006 – January / February Nintendo wants to publish new information (like they did with the NDS two years ago). Could it be the DICE Summit? Yes, it could.

Marketing – presentation – hardware – software- interface – launch - …
… a revolution is going on!