Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nintendo Entertainment System

Satoru Iwata
Every home game machine in history has married a controller to a console, and a console to a television. In the next generation, the addition of the internet will be important to all consoles, and particularly important to Nintendo. WiFi capability will be built into every Nintendo Revolution. How these four elements: Controller, Console, TV, and Internet interact with each other forms a central difference in Revolution design. Our goal in customizing these connections is to develop a device which is functional and appealing to every member of the household, whether they consider themselves gamers or not. It is right for everyone.

You won't only play with this system ...
... you will be entertained.

Monday, February 13, 2006



There is no visor. There is no ON. But a gaming revolution.
Do not only read. You have to think. It will always be a puzzle.


> (Revolution developer)
> Corporate
> Nintendo Revolution logo
> R ...

Since 20 years we played in a 2D gaming world. A revolution will bring the change ...
... we will play in a 3D world.

Saturday, January 14, 2006



- revolution -
- beginning 2006 -

I will tell you more after ... DICE Summit 2006!


- revolution -
- beginning 2006 -

I will answer after ... DICE Summit 2006!

No visor? No ON? I will explain you ...

... patience.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Add it


Where is the innovative add-on for GameCube? Was it only a microphone? Where is the movie add-on for Revolution? Why haven’t we seen any Revolution games yet? Why hasn’t Nintendo attacked the Xbox 360 launch? All because of an entertainment revolution – it is coming - 2006!

Official information

One interesting question is going around: When will Nintendo publish new information about their revolution?

Nintendo doesn’t want to be copied this time. They are waiting till Sony has presented their PlayStation 3 in January at the CES. After this presentation Nintendos attacks against their competitors will begin.

Be aware for new information at the beginning of 2006 – January / February Nintendo wants to publish new information (like they did with the NDS two years ago). Could it be the DICE Summit? Yes, it could.

Marketing – presentation – hardware – software- interface – launch - …
… a revolution is going on!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Questions, questions, questions

A lie

I’m not SeriousGamer007 – and I’m not Aries!
- SeriousGamer007 lives in America, I don’t live in America (he has a better gramma, he publishes his articles at an other time)
- SeriouGamer007 ist only a normal gamer, I’m not only a gamer (I talked about game concepts and wanted to wake up developers)

I don’t like to write this arcticles, if nobody really wants to hear it. You all can wait till May 2006. All I want to do …
… answering some questions
… let you all hope, so you can wait till you all will be revolutionized
… hyping a fantastic system

A plot

A lot of you are asking themselves:
Why has Nintendo shown the controller - but not the last secret?
Why hasn’t Nintendo revealed the whole console - one week before or after the Xbox360 launch?
Why - doesn’t Nintendo attack?

It’s all a “marketing plot”. Nintendo will attack, but Nintendos new system isn’t a real competitor to Sonys PS3 or Microsofts Xbox360. Still Nintendo didn’t want to go under. They want to be very successful with their fully new concept. That’s the reason why they revealed the controller at the TGS in September. The controller was the first “puzzle piece” after the E³. The first “puzzle piece”, which should shock the gaming industry. And it shocked the gaming industry – not negativ, very positiv. There will be more.

When will they reveal the “big bang”?
I can’t tell you a date. Only Nintendo knows their “marketing plot” details. But as I know, they want to present it at the E³ conference. In May 2006 Nintendo wants to show their “big bang” – and the journalists should play first games.

When will Revolution be launched?
If the “big bang” will take place at the E³ in May, there won’t be a possible launch next sommer. When will be the next best date? Yes, the same as Nintendo did with the NDS and as Microsoft did with their 360. Thanksgiving is their aim. In about two till six weeks Nintendo wants to launch the Revolution worldwide. Chrismas 2006 everyone should play Rev games at home.

(Graphic power) Is the Revolution really such weak?
The Nintendo Revolution won’t have 4 Terraflops. You are dreaming. The Nintendo Revolution will be a system for everyone. For Hardcore- (you) and Non-Gamers (your girl friend / parents). For little (Zoonami) and big developers (EA). As I said before, Nintendos next generation console won’t be a competitor to PS3 or Xbox360. Not very expensively polycounts or realistic textures will be the path to success – it will be the new feeling. Iwata said it too, the specs won’t be interesting. It is the way the Revolution is working, not how many polygons it can blow in your face.

If the Revolution is such weak, how can Nintendo be successful?
- GameBoyColor vs GameGear
- PlayStation vs Nintendo64
- PlayStation2 vs Xbox / GameCube
- NintendoDualScreen vs PlayStationPortable
Not the console with the best graphics won, it was the one with the best support and games! Developers don’t like expensive polygons. The costs for game development are rising extremely. The gaming industry isn’t growing. At the moment they can’t really convince girls and older people. A lot of older gamers can’t find the innovation they are searching for – they are saying “bye” to the gaming industry. Nintendo can be very successful, that’s for sure. And the DualScreen system showed it us all – Nintendos concept isn’t stupid, it is very logical.

At the end: Not the second screen makes the NDS so fantastic, it’s the whole system. Not the controller makes the Revolution revolutionary, it will be the whole system!

About what do you think if you hear “Nintendo Revolution”?
What do you wish and what do you believe?

Most of you are believing in the same thing, aren’t they?
So ask your selves: Is this only a wish – or could this be a good “marketing plot” from Nintendo?

What has Nintendo said in the last months? What has Nintendo showed in the last months? What was going on in the last months?

Nintendos new Generation?
Game & Watch >>> Dual Screen?
Virtual Boy >>> Revolution?

Project Reality was never over …

… revo-lution!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

A plot


Why does Hollywood know that a console developer is working on 3D technologie?
Why can the Revolution play DVDs?
Why does Nintendo want to produce movies?
Why haven’t we seen any games?
Why does Miyamoto want that games fill a room?
Why can’t he talk about that?
And what function does the button “Home” have?
Doug Darrow, George Lucas, Robert Zemeckis, Randal Kleiser, Robert Rodriguez, James Cameron

The Revolution isn’t a portable console?
The Revolution isn’t a home console?
Is it an entertainment system (for your home)?


Everyone of you should know he isn’t telling the truth. But be honest: Why did you read the blog of him? No, not because of new and trustfull information. You read it, because he produced hope. He wrote what a lot of you wanted to see. Why are you turning your backs to him? Why? You all should wake up – also SeriousGamer007!

Tell your knights the truth. They liked the hope you produced, but they never liked your lies. Do you want to be killed by your own knights? You want to be a good king of gamers? Then listen to your gamers! You said Nintendo did so much wrong? They never changed their philosophy and concept? Nintendo changed in the last years. There is a new Nintendo growing up. This new Nintendo is very successful – very succesful. Now you have to change yourself. (Remember: I have warned you months ago)

You all have to wake up. SeriousGamer007 only spreads hope and your words. Nintendo heard him – yes, they heard him. Do you really think Nintendo haven’t seen Nintendo ON? Haven’t read this blog? They have seen ON and they read this blog. But I don’t know if they’re impressed or not. You gamers should hold together now. Together for hope and glory – the information will be spread by someone else than SeriousGamer007!

Nintendo has written a revolutionary plot ...
… but it is more than a gaming revolution

Monday, November 21, 2005



1. Information:
I see a lot of you have a lot of questions about the coming Nintendo Revolution. I would like to know what you would ask a Nintendo employee and what you want to know about the revolution.

2. Hope:
I think there are a lot of gamers, journalists and developers, who don't really believe in the new Nintendo. I would like to know why you can't believe in them.


... the future will be written.